Frequently Asked Questions.

I need it now!
Timelines are a two-way street and greatly depend on feedback (both the kind of feedback received, and how quickly you provide it!) We always do our best to meet your deadline, but it’s important to be transparent at the beginning of the project so we can both plan accordingly. Let us know your deadline so we can work backwards together in hopes of making something work.

I'm curious about costs...
Budget is determined by the scope of work required for a project. When you contact us for a quote, we will ask you a ton of questions in an effort to provide an accurate quote for your review.

Can you design [                ]?
See our services section to see if we provide the service you’re looking for! That said, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry... simply reach out to see if we might be able to help out. Even if we can’t, we might be able to refer you to someone who can. We've developed great reationships with many talented individuals in and around Montreal. 

How do I get started?
Reach out! Email is the best way to get in touch, but you can always give us a call! You can help streamline the quoting process by trying to provide all the information you might think we’d need in order to provide a quote.

How much does an invitation suite cost?
All of our designs are completely custom and therefore it depends on the design, the materials and printing method.

I need 500 invitations — oh god!
You probably don’t...most people get confused when providing their quantities. Keep in mind, most guests are either couples or families. Those 500 invitations you thought you needed, are probably more around 200 - 300!

I have a tight budget — can we still work together?
Of course! There are so many ways we can cut costs…simply let us know from the get-go so we can tailor a quote and suggest ways to bring down costs.

So how does this work?
The first step is to get in touch — keep in mind, the sooner the better as these things take time! We will schedule either an in-person meeting, a phone call or even simply do the initial brief via email. Once we get an understanding of what you’re looking for we will provide a quote for your review. Once given the OK to move forward, we will provide a work-back schedule and get started on the designs. Everything is reviewed digitally via email and we typically go through three rounds of proofing before the final approval. Once approved, we order your materials and get into production — the really fun part!

What about place cards and table numbers?
We do in fact offer these services—referred to as “day of assets”...but these can all be done later on! We like to complete the invitation suite (think of this as “phase 1”) and move onto “phase 2” once complete. Keep in mind, we can’t work on place cards until you receive your RSVPs, so there would be a delay between the two timelines anyway.

Oh no! I need thank you cards, don’t I?
If you’re future mother-in-law has anything to say about it — you sure do! We say “why wait!” and suggest to order them at the same time as your wedding suite. This way you can use them for any events potentially leading up to your wedding. Keep in mind, you will likely require a larger quantity of thank you cards, and can use them in future as your own personal stationery!

What can I Letterpress?
Letterpress printing is great for business cards, stationery, tags and much more! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

I’m not sure I can afford this method of printing...
Costs vary based on designs, quantity and specs involved — for instance, a 1-color print vs. 3-colors is a lot cheaper. There are ways to go about letterpress printing in an economical way. Let us know your budget and we’ll try to steer you in the right direction.

How can I order stationery?
Click here to download our standard stationery and order form.

What's your turnaround?
Timelines are based on date of approval...meaning, if we are providing design services, the production timeline only begins once given the final approval. From there is can take anywhere from two to four weeks. That said, timelines will be discussed on a project basis.

I already have a design. Can you print it?
Currently we aren’t offering print-only services. That said, feel free to reach out in case we’re feeling particularly friendly (and have time in our schedule!)