Seville Capital

Seville Capital provides joint-venture equity capital to residential developers in select US markets. From their connection to Groupe Prével, they inherit four decades of experience as real estate developers.

To kick-off the project, we developed a visual identity for Seville Capital. The goal was to create a corporate yet elegant aesthetic while integrating the concept of real estate development. Once the logo was established, we moved on to design their website. The main goal of the site was to provide information to clients as well as showcase their development portfolio.

Branding / Web

"It was a real pleasure working with Cow Goes Moo. From start to finish, the team listened intently to our desires and concerns and worked hand in hand with us to create a beautiful website. They were extremely patient and a great value for the money! We look forward to working with them again."
Jesse Siegler
Assistant Director
Seville Capital