December 20, 2018189 Comments

Puces Pop 2018

Two years ago we applied to Puces Pop — which had been a dream for years. We were overjoyed when we got accepted! Unfortunately, we had to pull out last minute and we were crushed! The dream was still a dream and wouldn't become a reality until two years later (December 2018) when someone else dropped out last minute and a spot opened up. [Enter Cow Goes Moo!]

We pulled a couple late nights at the studio, printed up some cards and spent the weekend talking all things letterpress to anyone who seemed interested! It was so much fun and certainly gave us the itch to make more of our greeting cards and printed services.

Stay tuned for more local pop-ups to come! (Slash, if you know of any could you drop us a line? We'd love to apply—haha).

Check out the cards we whipped up for the holiday season — available through our Etsy shop!

December 14, 20164 Comments

Expanding the Office

It's an exciting time for Cow Goes Moo as we expand our studio! We were fortunate enough to get a small corner of a warehouse in the east end of Montreal. With a little elbow grease – a lot of love, and the great prices at IKEA, we were able to start the transformation of our dream studio! What did we learn? White floors have no place in Montreal thanks to our messy winters!