G.Sherman Jewels

G.Sherman Jewels is a recently resurrected brand that aims to share their family’s passion for elegance via a selection of both new and vintage handcrafted jewels.

Based on the element of resurrection, G.Sherman Jewels requested we design the logo heavily inspired by the original with a slight modern twist. To further modernize the brand, we integrated holographic elements throughout all assets — such as business cards and a splash page, which mirrored the costume element of the jewelry itself.

Branding / Web

"It's been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with someone whose work I've admired for decades. What we have created together is a true resurrection of my grandfathers branding; our new logo, tagline and website, and has given our brand a new identity as we re-establish ourselves in the marketplace nearly 40 years later."
Genna Sherman
G.Sherman Jewels